• [TASK] Add nodes as title and link to link-infobox
  • [BUGFIX] Update gulp-inline-source & injectFaviconMarkups
  • [TASK] Update packages to remove flatmap-stream
  • [BUGFIX] Clear link/node in sidebar destroy
  • [TASK] Nodejs 11 support/tests
  • [TASK] Avoid unnecessary loops in domain name mapping
  • [TYPO] Change Ghz to GHz
  • All changes


  • v11.0.0 isn't buildable anymore because of deleted build dependency
  • Moved form to


  • [TASK] Use Promises for GeoJSON
  • [TASK] Update packages & add SHA integrity
  • [TASK] Replace site with domain
  • [TASK] Libary updates gulp4
  • [TASK] Prevent XSS in tooltip
  • [TASK] Remove unnecessary moment
  • [TASK] Remove obsolete windows, rename macosx to osx
  • [TASK] Remove bithound
  • [TASK] Remove localStorage
  • [TASK] Add dynamic title to offline html and multiple metatags
  • [TASK] Add optional fullscreen mode
  • [TASK] Add GeoJSON support
  • [TASK] Improve night colors
  • [!!!][TASK] Indexable urls
  • [BUGFIX] URL router can fail at high load
  • [TASK] Update github issue templates
  • [TASK] Add nodejs 10 and remove 9 from travis
  • [TASK] Move to v8 promies polyfill & eslint5
  • [TASK] Add posibility for links DSGVO und natürlich auch andere
  • [TASK] Add OpenGraph, twitter card & Microdata + Favicon update
  • [TASK] Add simple offline service worker
  • [TASK] Add source/target address to link variables
  • [BUGFIX] Bar width max 100%
  • [BUGFIX] Allow negative coordinates
  • [BUGFIX] Correct filled loadavg bar with nproc > 1
  • [TASK] Show rectangle gateway in forcegraph
  • [TASK] Show offline nodes in forcegraph
  • [TASK] Upgrade to leaflet 1.3
  • [TASk] Upgrade to navigo 7
  • Multiple minor libary updates like d3js


  • multiple-branch
  • We moved the docu, website, multi and develop instance - currently no auto builds on master branch
  • Multiple changes on webhooks and tests like scrutinizer

THX @all active and passed contributors!


  • Performance improvements (critical path, avoid blocking code)
  • Replaced router - including language, mode, node, link, location
  • Leaflet upgraded to v1 - faster on mobile
  • Forcegraph rewrite with d3.js v4
  • Map layer modes (Allow to set a default layer based on time combined with a stylesheet)
  • Automatic updates for selected node or list (incl. image stats cache-breaker)
  • Node filter
  • Zoom level for clicking on a node (nodeZoom) is definable independently from the maximum zoom level 22
  • Formatted Code
  • Translation support - Help to improve or add languages at Online translation platform
    • Currently available: en, de, fr, cz, tk & ru
  • Gulp inline for some css and js - fewer requests and instant load indicator
  • Icon font with needed icons only
  • Switch to Gulp (Tested with Node.js 6 LTS, 8 on Linux, OSX & W**)
    • css and some js moved inline
  • Yarn in favour of bower
    • Load only moment.js without languages (Languages are included in translations)
    • unneeded components removed (es6-shim, tablesort, numeraljs, leaflet-providers, leaflet-label jshashes, chroma-js)
  • RBush v2 - performance boost in last versions (positions, labels and clients on the map)
  • Ruby dependency removed
  • FixedCenter is required
  • Sass-lint, scss and variables rewritten for easy customizations/adjustments
  • Cross browser/device support improved (THX@BrowserStack)
  • Yarn package manager in favour of npm
  • Configurable reverse geocoding server
  • Split clients into 2,4, 5Ghz and others
  • Show nexthop and gateways (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Dynamic node detail attributes
  • Config inheritance and functions
  • Dynamic map center (sidebar toggle)
  • Show connection type (icon) ^ Accessibility improvements
  • Few Internet Explorer 11 fixes
  • Necessary polyfills - no overhead
  • Switch to meshviewer.json - less depth, new informations <<<<<<< Updated upstream
  • A lot more in the commit history

  • A lot more in the commit history

    Stashed changes

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